Gross Anatomy, 19898/30/04Gross Anatomy, 1989 Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga and Christine Lahti. 酒店兼職Mathew Modine plays a blue-collar kid attending a posh school of medicine, where everyone--teacher 售屋網and student alike--seems to be well above Modine's social strata. Perhaps as a reaction to the 酒店兼職snobbery all around him, Modine behaves as irreverently as possible. Neither teacher Christine Lahti 房屋二胎nor lab partner Daphne Zuniga finds Modine's what-the-hell act appealing, but both are fully 好房網aware that he is a talented young man with a brilliant future. The climax of the film lays it on 面膜pretty thick in defining Modine as an all-around good fellow despite his cheekiness (he even delivers 售屋網a baby just before taking his finals!), This is a bright, brainy and beautifully acted movie, with 系統傢俱great humour and excitement. --------------------- Anyone who wants to be a doctor should watch this 小額信貸film.

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